Kitchen Makeover for the Sunshine Coast

    Here at Kitchen Shop QLD, we take pride in designing and manufacturing custom kitchens to your specifications on the Sunshine Coast. Using a variety of high-quality components, materials and surfaces including various finishes such as 2-pack, thermoplastic, laminate and timber, we’ll help you make the right choice for you and your home.

    If you want a fabulous new kitchen with a better layout that oozes style, Kitchen Shop QLD can advise you on the most economical options. Whatever your lifestyle and budget, our custom kitchen design specialists will make the best use of your space while adding dashes of your personal taste.


    Learn more about the fabulous countertop materials we can use to create your dream custom kitchen below.


    With the ability to be polished to an extremely high-gloss finish, Granite has a variety of uses for indoor or outdoor applications, such as flooring, benchtops, and walls.

    Granite is a type of igneous rock that is hard and durable, perfect for your custom kitchen projects.

    Reconstituted stone

    While giving the flawless appearance of natural stone, reconstituted stone is actually man-made.

    It’s more cost-effective than natural alternatives and thanks to its sleek finish, you’re assured many years of lasting style and beauty.


    Benchtops consist of a core of highly moisture-resistant particleboard, usually 33mm thick.

    Kitchen Shop QLD can manufacture laminate benchtops with many different attractive edges, but for full options, please view our Laminex Fact Sheet.


    If timber is more your thing, we have two main options available including solid timber slabs and benchtops that have been made by joining together timber boards. Both are excellent choices and work equally well, but the one that you choose for your custom kitchen will depend on the look you want to achieve, the timbers that are available, and your budget.

    Call us on 07 5491 6999 and let us help you design the perfect custom kitchens to suit your home.

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